Finding “you”

Motivation & inspiration are essential for personal growth & love; hitting rock bottom gives you a brief moment to realize what truly deserve.  Dead end SHIPS (relationships, friendships, and work ships) can only do so much before you feel the need to want to break those chains and just “BE YOU”! “Being you”, is by living your life on your terms and knowing what makes you happy as a person. How can you be a good friend, partner, companion, lover, or worker if the love you have for yourself is masked by false emotions and covered with pain?  I feel as if sometimes we worry too much about how society views our lives, which only then causes us to hold back our true potential. Do not ever let someone pull you into their storm – pull them into your peace. After all, where there is peace there is also love and happiness.

 Learning to love yourself including your flaws will only enable the best part of “You” to come out.  Live life on your terms. Live ou


tside the box. Do not ever look back. Find the peace and balance needed to survive and fight.  People may not understand your vision, but once they see it – I am

 sure they will respect it.

I am on the pursuit of happiness and on the path of loving myself more and more each day. My mind is constantly wandering … I’ve learned to not hold back! I would risk it all just to be happy for me, and sooner or later everything would fall in place – eventually *fingers crossed* for now, I am just leaping in to life with no regrets – learning lessons as I go.

“Time is like the ocean, you can only hold a little in your hands”


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