Dark Knight

He once tried to rob of my joy, coming like a thief in the night. But I, the phenomenal women knew he was on his way – I protected myself with a bow and arrow. The words which he spoke burned my inner soul, leaving me in dust and tears. The angel whispered, my dear you are far too young and wise to let someone rob you of your joy and inner peace.  I found the strength and courage to run and never look back. The journey has been long, but along the way I have found my peace, my happiness, and my courage. Why dwell in the pass? Why let the thief get the satisfaction of knowing I am broken. I wrote him a letter to express my gratitude, to let him know that he did not break nor shatter my soul; I told him he touched it oh so slightly, to leave a mark but not a scar. My true savior reminded me what it felt like to be in love with life again. What it felt like to be held and kissed in the dark hours of the night –reassuring me that it was all right. The words which my savior spoke only gave me such bravery, to keep fighting; to know that the grass is only greener on the side which I chose to feed.  



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