& It continues .. same book new chapters

756e528c9a67f3f4d1c5a21837469a5fIn the moments when everything seems like a blur just be thankful because somewhere on this planet someone may have it 10x as worse as you do. Many times, I have wanted to give up,  run away, and quit this thing we call life. As I think about, all the people who are depending on me, and wanting me to be succeed; I owe to them to strive to be better. It’s not only for them though; I owe it to myself to be best I can be.

2013, was a year of learning, and 2014 will be filled with development. My ultimate goal is to better myself; financially, mentally, physically, and mentally. I have goals & dreams, things to accomplish, people to meet, and place to see. The biggest thing is learning to love myself, and put myself first.

Best wishes to everyone, just remember with persistence, discipline, and dedication great things can happen. The Big Guy, is not sleeping, he’s just taking notes.

Enjoy yourself and have kick ass new year!

With Love & Pleasure,

-Stephanie (LeNoir)


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