My true love, Perle.

PicMonkey Collage

Let me tell you about my friend Perle; I have always loved her. Many people know her as Haiti or Kiskeya, but I know her as Perle. Her love is profound and beauty cannot be explained. She has always been my safe haven, since the day my parents introduced us; I knew I loved her. Even in the darkest hours, her smile never weakened. Her tears have been painful, but those near and dear were always able to wipe them. I sent Perle, some things I knew would help her out, she needed me in the darkest hours. Even when people tried to tarnish her name, treat her less than a nickel, she knew how strong she was. Perle knew her people would always have her back, because of her strength, beauty, bravery, resiliency, and gentle love. Over the years, Perle and I lost touch but even in our distant moments, she knew I treasured her. She knew that I cared for her. Like several, I took the time to let world know about my Grande treasure – La Perle des AntillesMany underestimated her, but because of her resiliency she is fully equipped to experience life again.

To my Perle, know that I will see you soon. I have thought of you in many ways I cannot explain, but others have told me you are doing fine. Until the moment we meet again, know that I love you.


[Disclaimer: Pictures were found via Pinterest & Collage made digitally via PicMonkey – I own no rights to these photographs]


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