A letter: To my future

CollageDear Future Lover, I just wanted to let you know that I will love you. Regardless of what happens between us, I will stand by my word. Let us take the next step to proclaim our love; let the world know that you and I are one. . . .

Love comes with many great emotions. I am in love with love and all it has to offer.

Love, it itself is so beautiful. There is no true word to describe how powerful it is; not only is it felt but it is seen. When something such as love is so genuine; how could you not love the notion behind it? Love is so simple and pristine.

One day, I hope to fall in love with that one special person, which I hope is you. I would rather live in a shack with a man that I love than in a mansion with a man I cannot stand. I anticipate one; I love him with all my heart, and all my might. The bond that will be created between us is what will truly be special, more like magical.

I know love is not perfect, and I never expect it to be. I just want to be with something that is real and worth it all. We will build a fortress that will survive any storm that may come our way. Often, people get lost in the notion that “True love” is found, but I believe that it is built. With a little patience, understanding, and faith the best foundation is created – more like a solid foundation.

There is something so powerful and moving about the way a man looks at his women. This look speaks for every emotion that cannot be said with his mouth; every emotion that can only be felt. When a man loves a woman the whole world knows. The rhythm of his love changes as the romance increases. He is the only to know that his feelings are true, and sincere.

After all, love speaks for itself. Not many speak the language of love, but I hope one day to speak the language of love. One day, for both he and I will experience irresistible, desirable, hapy, patient, and most importantly, “I just can’t be without you”, type of love.

-Stephanie [LeNoir]


6 thoughts on “A letter: To my future

  1. yanva says:

    Deep very Deep Hope you find that 1 and hopefully soon. I’m
    Almost he will be a Happy man as well 😉

    Keep sharing 😉

    • Stephanie says:

      Mr.Right! Yes, in this case you seem to be right … One day I hope to love that ONE guy with all might! But thank you so much for your time.

    • Stephanie says:

      Omg! My heart melted. . . I have been dealing with somethings but TRUST me I will be back in full action! Thank you for the love x support :)!!

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