What He Wants

a2d6caada435ce18e55a9e6594a8e3f6Sometimes, as a lady you just have to please your man.  Being spontaneous never hurt; it adds a lot of spice to the relationship. Ask him what he wants from you; how he would like to be pleased for the evening.  The idea itself is the ultimate turn on.  As women, our men deserve a pass every now and then . . . just to remind him one of the many reasons why he fell in love. Dress in his favorite outfit; whether it is a big T-Shirt paired with sexy panties or a sexy lingerie piece. Just keep it to his liking. You don’t have to reveal so much at the door, but just enough to get him started; seduce him with the mystery.

Make him something tasty, but light cause you want him to enjoy himself. . . save the dessert for last! It should be a night like no other, a night filled with endless possibilities.  It is only right, to please your man.  These Special moments, cannot happen with just anyone – It should be with someone who is willing to take it all the way there with you.  With someone who can accept it all, leaving no room for regret. Ladies, give him something to smile about; something that every time he thinks about it those emotions come back.

And remeber one thing …Just give him what he wants!

Stephanie (LeNoir)


4 thoughts on “What He Wants

  1. Prince says:

    Just wanted you to know I am your #1 fan, I appreciate to shelter my self under your knowledge.
    I must admit this page is my bible 😉

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