Things to do in your early 20’s. . .

  1. Invest in yourself – one of the greatest things you could ever do is INVEST in who you are. Take the time to update your wardrobe, social media profile(s), cell phone, and etc.
  2. Build your credit – the sooner the better. Credit profiles are just as valuable as cash money itself, especially when it comes to purchasing the first vehicle or house. Great financial profiles are essential in today’s economy.
  3. Pay off your student Loans – you will thank me later! Saves the stress for the future, and helps your credit score.
  4. Travel – get yourself a suitcase, cash, and passport. Just go out and visit different cities either nationwide or international, meet new people, and enjoy different cultures.
  5. Buy a seasonal pass – why not? Cheap tickets to great games such as basketball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, and many more. If you are a theme park enthusiast then get some year round passes maybe to Disney World, Six Flags, or Universal studios.
  6. Volunteer – Give back to those in the need in your nearby community/neighborhood. Google some local clubs or communities that are in your interest and help out. After all, the more hands in a project always make the load much easier.
  7. Give away your old college clothes – Yes, it is time you start dressing age appropriate, so find some clothes that match your blossoming life. Don’t forget to buy a few interview worthy pieces; mix and match38543ecbc8030f7dbb34bb630675c40b but keep it youthful. [PINTEREST is a good site to get ideas for wardrobes]
  8. Move – Yes, I said Move. After all it is your life, make choices that will work for you and your well-being. Before moving, strategically think it through, like, cost of living, where will you live, and where will you work?
  9. Learn about yourself – take the time to find out what truly makes you happy. Find some hobbies or an activity that reflects your personality. It is essential and vital to your future development as an individual. Remember, one life to live! Embrace all the changes; positive vibes only!
  10. Work out – Do it while you can! Get yourself in the best shape ever – your body will thank you later!
  11. Build a career – it does not matter what you become in life as long as it something great! One of the worse feelings is looking back and regretting on the things you did not do.
  12. Have a broken heart | Noir are you crazy? Slightly yes, but look a broken heart is good because it helps mold you to become a better person for your next serious relationship. During the moment of darkness, I promise you will learn so much about yourself that you can sustain dark cloud that may come your way.
  13. Train your brain – read a book maybe once a month, meditate, try some memorizing skills; do something that keeps your brain fully functioning.
  14. Document your life – take pictures, blog about it, tweet about! Use social media to your advantage because you never know where it will take you!
  15. ENJOY IT – Yep. Enjoy your life! Do all that makes you happy! Enjoy your 20s. . . Don’t be so afraid to live and take risks, sometimes following all the rules makes you miss all the fun.





9 thoughts on “Things to do in your early 20’s. . .

    • Stephanie says:

      That is always exciting news! I hope that each time you visit the blog you obtain some helpful and useful information 🙂

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