My Epiphany

b59ab5f57a8b7bad4e96a7721176dad0Like many, I could see myself being whatsoever I set my mind too, and it has always been a struggle for me to decide what exactly I wanted to do.  At one point, I wanted to be a culinary chef, a registered nurse, an OB/GYN doctor, and even a family lawyer.

My mind has always been set to be successful, so I felt whatever I decided to do I would love it and be good at it. I was lost in daze because I wanted to do so much and be so much. I took some well needed downtime to find my peace and clarity. I needed to know what how to manage this path, and make necessary adjustments to get the wheels rolling. (This is one of the many reasons which I had not posted in months).

 I sat in my room one morning and just broke down. I bawled like a new born baby being starved. I needed that moment of clarity to refocus myself, and contemplate.  I wanted to figure out what was my purpose, and how could I fulfill my dreams.  As the sun shined brightly in my eyes and tears rolled down my face, I sat there talking to myself only recognizing that I was the one holding myself back.  I sat there deplorable and still. I marked down all that came to my attention – my overall perspective on life has changed completely. Turned my “wants” to “wills”; I had to put faith in my craft, and know that this will work out according to plan.

Now I feel at ease to write again; to submit myself to you all. My soul is at peace again to share my inner feelings and contemplations.  May amity, affection, contentment, and clarity guide you.

Thank you for the love & support,



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