12 Commandments to loving yourself


  1. LOVE YOURSELF – learn to be your own before anyone else’s – absorb what truly makes you joyful or unhappy, stop paralleling yourself to others, and rejoice your strengths as oppose to your weaknesses.
  2. BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE – self-esteem goes a long way so it is vital that you learn to be happy with all that you were built with & use it best to your ability.
  3. BE POSITIVE– remove the toxins from your life; remember in order to elevate you must separate so those friendships & relationships that are hindering your growth you must let them go.
  4. ALLOW YOURSELF TO CHANGE & GROW – self-explanatory merely alow nature to form you into the marvelous being you were predestined to be!
  5. NUTURE YOUR HEALTH – Get moving by doing some exercise, drinking water, and laughing. Did you know laughter is the best medicine?
  6. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – be fully aware of your feelings and let them guide you; understand them rather than trying to suppress them.
  7. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE – Embrace your flaws. Embrace your kinks. Embrace your individuality. You don’t have to level up your character to impress others … stay true to you! The real people will come your way with no hesistation.
  8. SMELL THE ROSES NOT COFFEE – coffee smells good but the roses smell so much better; take the time to enjoy your life because tomorrow is not promised.
  9. STOP DWELLING ON THE PAST – why linger in the past when the forthcoming holds everything you’ve been praying about. Allow yourself to let go of those thoughts, people, and places that do no good for you as you continue this path of self-love.
  10. GET OUT OF YOUR WAY – stop being your own road block to peace, love, happiness, and success.
  11. READ & NUTURE YOUR SOUL – It does not matter what you read just find yourself a decent book or magazine that will enhance your overall well-being; nothing better than indulging yourself into a worthy book.
  12. START NEW VENTURES – Yes, start traveling & opening yourself to new things after all it took a lot for you to get to this point . . . don’t look back now! Just live your life & enjoy every moment as it comes.

Just remember you are on the right path, and if you keep these simple 12 steps around you will succeed across the board. Individuality and confidence are the best things one can wear every single day.

-With love Noir [xoxo]



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