Feel Good Friday

Friday has finally arrived! (**Throws hands in the air & waves them like I don’t care**)This week has been tremendously long and stressful. My hours at work were all over the place, but I refuse to let those issues ruin my Friday. Being that, I have the evening off (**shocker**), I am treating myself to dinner and ice-cream. Let my hair run wild and free, find my sexiest pair of pumps, and my hot red lipstick to hit the town. Why not? I deserve this moment πŸ™‚

In honor of FEEL GOOD FRIDAY, I shall blast the lovely Emeline Michel around the house as I get ready. [[Surely, singing off key – I love her music she is definitely one of my favorites for sure!]]

I am celebrating the power of sensuality, sexuality, and feminism. Just remember to smile and hold your head high πŸ™‚


What makes you feel good? What so special about Friday’s for you? SHARE With me!

Enjoy your & remember to smile throughout the day! (Stay tuned for pics)

-With love Noir [xoxo]


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