Magic of spring


Hello Spring ♥, 

You have surely been missed! The aroma of fresh flowers, the birds humming at the break of dawn, late night clear skies accompanied by a heavenly breeze. Just as nature awakens from her beauty sleep, I welcome her with both arms wide open. Spring time, allows me to meditate, develop, and enjoy freedom. Internally, I feel stronger and rejuvenated because I took full advantage of the winter reflect on some choices I have made within the past few months.  As 2015 approached, I decided not set any resolutions, but I did set more attainable and realistic goals. I had to be honest and open with myself, it feels better that way. I managed to put things into a clearer perspective, and now that spring is here I can enjoy the freedom of doing what makes my heart happy. The soul needs to meditate and recharge; allow yourself the chance to do this if not daily at least weekly. The strong power of nature nurturing the soul only enables one to strive for greatness, at least it does for me. Give yourself time to grow, understand, and improve to the extent you would not even have time to criticize others.

As I look at my life, I think as myself as a caterpillar who will one day morph into a beautiful butterfly. I am still learning to value and appreciate the newly discovered parts of my life that no one knows nor would understand. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how I see it – certain experiences, phases, and circumstances only enable the best parts of who I am to show, and I am enjoying the process. Spring is the time of renewal, so let go of the past and push for the greatness.

Just a thought: What about spring are you most excited about? How does new season affect your life? 

-Xo, Noir


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