Patient journey

Thought I would share this with you before going to bed:
blog11Those battles you’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks just give them to the Heavenly Father. Let his words and presence comfort you during this moment. Learn to praise him during your highest and lowest moments, especially during the great times because he is working in your favor. The lord, is creating paths and moving mountains. There is power in your prayer, and he listens as you call but in return you must listen to him as he calls you. With age comes more lessons and blessings, and I can truly say I am aware of his mercy and grace in my life. Be patient and let him align things as you’ve been praying for. With time, patience, and understanding you will become financially stable, you will experience a higher level of productivity, earn those degrees, land that promotion, and any other road block in your way. It requires patience in knowing that God is working, and he is aware of your needs. He fulfill our needs and not desires because often times those desires are things that will drive you farther from him. I encourage you to get back in tune with the lord and also with yourself so that he can mold you into the amazing individual you were meant to be. Remember, if he is for us No one could stand against us, and with faith mountains are moved.
With love and light,

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