Shifted perspectives

Summer is sadly coming to a close. Labor Day weekend is a holiday of lasts: last summer Fridays, last summer vacations, last chance to wear white shoes without committing a fashion faux pas. It offers a last chance to knock off items off those crazy to do lists before the impending hustle of the fall. Don’t worry that summer fling will be long gone, and you probably won’t run into until them till about spring break. In just a matter of weeks summer suddenly collapsed into fall.

Autumn is the perfect time to work on the essentials such as, your goals, your quarterly plan, and get yourself in line. Seize the moment; prepare for 2016! Please don’t beBLOG those people who sit and create pages of resolutions that you’ll probably ditch by the first week of February. Like my brother would always say, “If you stay ready then you don’t have to get ready!” That is exactly the plan.

Sorry cut it to you but splurging season is over! After all that is what summer is for, but great thing is the moment is here to buckle down and regain focus. It will definitely be hard trying to recover but it can be done; save $40 from each check (well in my case that’s my plan but if you have more please save more). There is a level of maturity that requires an understanding in the difference between treating yourself, and being financially reckless and irresponsible. Especially since Christmas is right around the corner.

Within this same time frame start cleaning out your room. As crazy as it sounds, just by taking the time to clean your room once a week will surely allow your physical and mental state to be aligned. After all this place which you start and end your day. Taking out those unnecessary things which you collected over the summer will allow you to take in the goodness of that is coming this fall.

As the season change, you should consider yourself changing too. Think about it from this perspective, give yourself a quarterly evaluation. Don’t be so critical on yourself because we are humans and we must learn from our errors. It makes great sense to do some checks and balances on your finances, friendships, relationships, work related things, and overall life. By identifying the things which make you happy and sad will ultimately allow you to have a better outlook on life. In due time, life will become much less complicated.

(Photo courtesy: pinterest)

-Xo Noir



2 thoughts on “Shifted perspectives

  1. Sabatini says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out your blog site but I always let it slip my mind! Finally got around to it, and I loved it! I felt like you were in my head for a moment. I really love the “quarterly evaluation.” Oh and saving from each paycheck; I was just discussing this with my sister. All in all, I’m on my way to read the additional posts. Great job!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so very much. You just don’t know how much that means to me. Please feel free to subscribe, read, and share. I hope you get something each & every time to visit. With love, Stephanie

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