National Coffee Day Celebration

Hail High your loaded cup of java! No, not the one on your computer silly – the freshly brewed cup of Joe! If you’re anything like me then I know you’d appreciate the bold robust flavors of fresh coffee. In my house we function with lots of love, music, food, laughter, and coffee! I am definitely seeking a local coffee shop but in the meantime Starbucks hits the spot each time.
If I have to a pull an all-night session of studying – my hot-shot of café Cubano is ready. The first press is the best; well in my opinion. Now, if it’s an evening when I am feeling fancy my inner Parisian and sip café au lait – which is essentially hot dark coffee with warmed milk. My mother is actually addicted to Coffee (so terrible) if she does not have at least one cup of fresh hot Bustelo or Pilon she instantly turns into a barracuda.
Now, sit back and enjoy your freshly brewed cups of Coffee. Appreciate those who grow them and those who serve it to us, cause I am sure without it a lot of you would not be so approachable.

How do you like your coffee? Let me know below!!

-Xo Noire.

(picture: courtesy of my iphone 5s)


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