Jet Setter: The Pearl of the Pacific — Bora Bora

The world is big and fill with excitement so I want to see if before it goes dark.

Bora Bora

Welcome to the crystal clear blue Lagoon, I mean Bora Bora. This pretty little island might cost a pretty penny, but I am absolutely certain it is worth it. Imagine being captivated by lush tropical slopes, white foam beaches, hillsides filled with hibiscus, sounds of waves creeping on the shoreline, and calm pleasant weather.

Bora Bora is located in the middle of the Pacific within a chain of French Polynesian islands. If you’ve ever visited an island then expect to find yourself doing several of snorkeling, deep-sea diving, strolling on sail boats, and swimming with diverse marine life.  The views are absolutely picturesque and more than marvelous; I can only imagine what it feels like to wake up in a floating hut looking at crystal clear waters.

This stunning island always lands top on destination lists for wonder lusters all over the world.  Expect to pay a hefty price to vacation here, but it would definitely be worth it. Anywhere you can walk out your front door and hop on Jet Ski or boat is undeniably fine by me.

Though I have not yet visited the nothing in the Pacific area but I have plans to do so in the near future. In the meantime, I will continue to appreciate, “The Pearl” of the Atlantic the beautiful island of Haiti.

My heart was meant to travel not just work and pay bills.

Where are some places you want to visit? What destination do you have an itch for? Comment below!

Hope you enjoyed this post & thank you for stopping by!

Xo Noir ❤


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