I find myself loving Beyonce music more and more; I love how she blends her sensuality and sexuality … not too raunchy not too granny! BTW It’s Saturday, and I’m cleaning the house with some of my favorite tunes blasting! (of course Haitian music in the mix)

I mean who doesn’t turn the broom into their microphone or hit the best vocals from the bathroom! I love having fun, and part of that comes with good music. 


What are your Saturday’s like? Are you the sleep in clean later type? or the wake up early to clean with a *slight pause* and clean some more type? 

**leave comments below**

Happy Saturday loves! 

-Xo Noire 


2 thoughts on “Saturdaze.

  1. Genius says:

    My Saturdays are cleaning in the morning while some slow deep bass song is playing in the back ground and chill after so I can enjoy the cleanness 😎

    • Stephanie says:

      I guess that’s why you call yourself Genius because that is definitely a genius move!
      I am always down for some deep bass or jazz like music!

      Thank you for sharing, please continue to read, like, and share <3!
      Xo. Noire.

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