trust your magic


Know your magic + follow your journey; always trust them.

This week topic is about: Trusting yourself.

No lie, these past few weeks of my life have been a hot mess. I found myself in a hole of depression, stress, and anxiety. My mini ‘breakdown’ episodes were triggered by me not trusting myself. I didn’t trust my magic; actually I felt as if there was nothing left of me or my magic. So to get back in “formation”, I had to take a break – I was off the grid for 3 weeks or so. I gave myself a chance to hurt, heal, understand, and grow.

It forced me to ask myself, what choices were I not making? What was I doing to put myself in the box? Every choice I made was betrayal to myself; which is never a good sign. One thing, I learned from Oprah is that there is a fine line between betrayal and compromise. The difference between the two is that betrayal will leave you feeling angry and bitter, but compromise is an even exchange and understanding.  Self-betrayal is one of the if not worst acts one can do to themselves.

Once I was able to answer those questions (which was not easy) because it required a lot of digging and searching I felt so much clarity. I felt better. I looked better. I thought better. The conviction I had in my heart led to better choices and changes. Whether you realize it or not we act on instincts; there’s a part of you that is a bigger than you. Trusting yourself means, to have courage to know that things may not pull together at that moment but it will in due time. Trusting yourself also means, having strength leading to an awakening and internal opening. Not everyone will understand, and that is perfectly fine – as long as YOU are aware of your power let no one take that from you.

Follow your heart and take your mind with you … great things happen to those who take a leap of faith into the unknown. It might not be as bad as you think it will be. The time is now. Everything is coming into place as it should so go for it, and keep in mind that mistakes mean that you’re trying. 

Trust. Believe. Act.

-Xo Stephanie E


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