Are you ready? Can you really commit? How bad you really want it?

Like most of people, keeping up and maintaining fitness may often seem ideal but can be quite challenging for different reasons – one being busy schedules. When it comes to fitness I learned the only way to maintain it properly is to make the time. Instead of sitting on my phone I could take that time to work out or do a few moves. Summer bodies are made during winter months.  Moving forward, I created this plan for people like me who just want to not only feel better but look better. One key thing, be happy in the skin you are in and embrace your size and shape. You will always  #BeYOUtiful.

#4U2NVFITCHALLENGE: This workout plan is simply just to encourage a healthier and happier life style. I am not a licensed dietician or physical trainer, I am just a girl who is trying to make better life choices.

  • It will be 3 months long; Sept. 22nd – Dec 20th
    • Yes! Thanksgiving is included; you can make it through
  • 3 simple tips: Be consistent, work for the change, and be patient
  • Weigh yourself once a month
    • ***Remember muscle weighs more than fat – so pay attention to your body and changes in clothes***
    • Keep your consumption of red meat, sugar, diary, and starch down; avoid fried foods and alcohol
    • I personally will not eat red meats and maybe chicken once or twice a month
  • Working out with a friend makes the challenge a lot easier but even if they decide not to go for a day don’t use that as a moment to not go
Monday Cardio Legs Arms
Tuesday Cardio Arms Abs
Wednesday Cardio Legs Abs
Thursday Cardio Arms Abs
Friday Cardio Legs Abs
Saturday Legs Arms Abs


Cardio Choices:

  • Running, biking, jump roping, speed walking, roller skating
  • 30 minutes a day
  • Twice a day


Arm workouts (complete this 2x):

  • 20 push ups
  • 20 triceps’ dips
  • 20 push up rows
  • 20 shoulder raises

Ab workouts (complete 3x)

  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 oblique twists
  • 1 min. plank hold
  • 1 min. mountain climbers

Leg Workouts (complete 2x)

  • 20 sec- wall sets
  • 40 lunges (alternate)
  • 50 squats [switch it up between traditional squats and jump squats]
  • 100 jumping jacks [break it up 50/50]

>>#4u2NVFITCHALLENEGE [[use that hash tag]] we can watch each other work challenge is 90 days long (3 months); be sure to take a before, during, and after pictures.  I will advise that you should weigh yourself but do not go crazy because MUSCLE WEIGH MORE THAN FAT so with that being said – enjoy the challenge.fitness5.png

Eating Habits

  • Keep yourself between 1200-1250 calories a day!
  • This time-table is pretty simple to follow; if anything set an alarm on your phone to help remind you when to eat. Also, drink lots of water in between; I’d say 4-6 bottles a day and also add some lemon to each bottle.
  • Proportion is key when eating lunch and dinner

    workout .png

    Types of food choices you’d want to dive for

10:00 AM SNACK 1
12:30 PM LUNCH
3:00 PM SNACK 2
8:00 PM SNACK 3


Below listed are images of types of snacks, meal preps, and dinner – these are not my pictures but I thought they’d pretty helpful. I will post throughout the challenge of the things I have done to keep you guys motivated and encouraged.


Ideal proportion food sizing

On that note, I wish you all well with this challenge. I might have to start youtubing so we can touch base better. As for now, I’ll post updates on the site and my other social media networks so follow me on those platforms. Most importantly, let me also thank you for taking the time to consider and participate with me. #4U2NVFITCHALLENGE is the tag you should use. Like I said, be patient, be consistent, and have fun.


-Stephanie E.


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