I missed out on you …

I have been distant but even in my absence you were always on my mind.
I had to love you from afar to make sense of myself and my sentiments.
But even through the chaos, I missed you.


My voice was submerged in pain and tears there was no way I could face you;
at least not yet.
I was to weak and too much of a coward to deal with my truths.

My dear, though we spent time apart I am glad to be back in one accord with you.
I am thankful to call you mine.
Sharing time with you and catching up like old times.
Going back to our late nights and early mornings — back to the time when you mattered the most.

Jus know, I missed you.

Forever Thine. Forever Mine.

**Stephanie Emilcar, Author and Editor of EssenceNoire is back in full effect.Β  I am glad to be in the mental and emotional space to be creative again. I am thankful I am able to share again. I had to do this for me, I had to save myself.**


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