A little more about ME

stephanieehmWell Hello There,

My name is Stephanie E and I am pretty awesome (Aha no really I am). I am also left handed, Haitian, and a future doctor. I must admit, three years ago I was very nervous but since taking this leap of faith I feel I am more ambitious, determined, and most importantly genuine.

I have the deepest desire to fully live, laugh, and love on all levels of life. Optimism is my driving force for all that I do, and I wish to accomplish. I want to make a difference. I seek to always leave a positive mark on everyone I come across. Life is forever changing; I consider that as individual my goal is only to get better in all that I do, be smarter, be wiser, and grow stronger.

As you read my postings, I hope you get something from your visit — the ultimate objective is that you enjoy each visit. May each post enlighten and enable the best parts of you as individual to show.

-Xo STEPHANIE <<updated 09.24.16>>


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